Land Freight

Our network of collaborators allows us to carry out consolidated and full loads to the main European cities. We also have a logistics department for national distribution.

Land transport intervenes in all logistics operations, either because it acts as a complementary transport to maritime or air operations or because the transport is carried out entirely by road.

Land transport by road is the most recommended for short or medium distance shipments. The land transport currently competes with the air in those operations with direct routes that require rapid delivery thanks to the infrastructures and current transport vehicles. In addition, the elimination of controls in the single customs area of the EC favours land transport carried out in vans, trucks or trailers.

In CRC we can make all kinds of transits (T-1, T-2, T-2L), both to the countries of the EC, as to those of the EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland) and to the principalities of Andorra and San Marine

As freight forwarders we can handle your import and/or export charges. Our Customer Services department takes care that you are properly informed about the status of your merchandise and coordinates the transportation with the company in charge, guaranteeing compliance with the collection and/or delivery dates and informing you immediately of any eventual incidence that may cause possible delays, additional costs, etc.

The documentation used in land transportation, national or international, includes delivery notes and/or bills of lading. These documents collect the route and the information of the goods to be transported and must be sealed as confirmation of the collection and delivery at destination, so they also serve as a confirmation document that the service has been performed correctly.

Our national and international road transport services vary depending on the type of vehicle needed and the facilities where collection and delivery should take place. At CRC we can advise you on the fastest and/or most economical way to carry out road transport.

"... In CRC we are independent and we offer the best rates always with the maximum security, studies of routes, storage, distribution, etc. Always with the highest performance in general cargo FCL and LCL ..."

Terrestrial import and export services

Land transport of loose or consolidated cargo
Logistics operations services of land transport of cargo to and from ports, between cities, storage and urban distribution.

Urban distribution with delivery in stores and / or large areas
We have our own Cross-docking platforms.

Transport of goods fully monitored
Through geolocation systems with online information from our control center.

Reverse logistics
We take care of the management of your returns including the management of delivery vouchers.

Land freight transport with dedicated vehicles
Service indicated for clients that require a dedicated vehicle for a transport, one day or several days. We include monitored vehicles with geolocation and with driver and assistant.

Special loads
In CRC we have a special projects department that will help you find the best solution for transporting special merchandise: fragile, dangerous, large volume or weight, etc.

Additional services in land freight

Storage and handling
We pick up or receive your merchandise in our stores. We palletize and prepare opaque freight for sensitive loads. We manage the land logistics of perishable products including gel and dry ice, as well as thermal blankets.

Customs formalities
In CRC we have a customs department that will be in charge of managing all the customs documentation necessary for the land transport of your merchandise.