Solutions in logistics and national and international transport

Urgent transport services with personalized service and competitive prices

National and international transport


Land transport of containers or loose cargo from ports inland, from inland to ports or between cities


Department of air traffic with computer connection with the main airlines and the main Customs


Groupage services (LCL) and complete containers (FCL) from any origin and to any destination

International land transits

As freight forwarders we can make all kinds of transits (T-1, T-2, T-2L) both to the countries of the EC and to the rest of European countries

Air freight

Coordinated air transport in cargo, passenger or charter airplanes for carrying out urgent operations. We include customs services in any country

Freight shipping

We have a maritime department specialized in the handling of containers and groupage in permanent contact with the main shipping companies and with the main ports

The largest network of international partners

Logistics, storage and distribution of products

Outsourcing services and logistic support for companies

  • Integral logistics services in import and export operations, including storage in customs warehouse, customs procedures and the distribution of merchandise
  • Collecting your goods in groupage to consolidate in our warehouses
  • Redispatch service to any point in Spain for the reception and/or preparation of merchandise
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Emptying and filling containers
  • Collection and distribution of goods with geolocated vehicles
  • We pick up the goods directly at your premises and deliver them to your customers (door-to-door services)
  • We receive your merchandise in our stores to prepare it for shipment
  • We coordinate with your suppliers the direct collection or receipt of your goods to consolidate them in a single shipment
  • We are specialists in the logistics of perishable products
  • We can organize the cargo at your home or the reception in our warehouses of refrigerated or frozen goods
  • Bonded warehouses in Spain (DA) strategically located from where we distribute your goods to any destination in Spain
  • We have special warehouses for dry cargo, refrigerated or frozen, oversized and dangerous that comply with all European customs and security regulations
  • We store and distribute your goods in the main cities of Spain
  • Special rates for long periods or large quantities
  • Multiple solutions for handling, storage and transport of special loads
  • We have space and equipment to store any type of cargo independently of its weight and size
  • Palletization of merchandise
  • Truck scale
  • Integral logistics solutions that cover everything from collection to delivery at the final destination
  • We guarantee the management of all stages of the logistics chain with a single operator, saving costs and time
  • Experts in the outsourcing of company logistics services. Save costs with us
  • Special projects for customized solutions

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Punctuality is our obsession

Experts in logistics and national and international freight transport

Certification and security in our operations

Our operations are focused on guaranteeing the safety and integrity of the goods that we transport, strictly complying with the regulations. We have implemented audit and control systems that have the highest level of certification.

CRC has a human team formed with a spirit of service, young professionals accredited with ATEIA, FETEIA, IATA and certified with ISO 9001 standards since March 6, 1998.

Customs Department

Processing and presentation of certificates and customs documentation

  • CRC is one of the first AEO Authorized Economic Operators in Spain
  • We optimize the fiscal section of your import and export operations
  • Authorized by the General Directorate of Customs in Spain to dispatch electronically EDI 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • We track customs inspections
  • We prepare the necessary resources and files on Tariff Items

Specific logistics solutions for the industry

Special projects adapted to any industrial sector

Logistics adapted to the supply chain of each industrial sector. We solve the logistical needs of our clients thanks to our teams and correspondents located all over the world.

Storage and distribution solutions adapted to all industrial sectors:
  • Alimentation and drinks. We are specialists in the logistics of perishable products
  • Building
  • Renewable energy
  • Automotive
  • Gas and oil
  • Hostel and Tourism
  • Fashion and retail
  • Machinery

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