Sea Freight

CRC offers its clients the best coverage and flexibility in its exports with a multimodal maritime transport service thanks to our agreements with the main shipping companies worldwide.

Maritime transport is usually the most economical transport for large shipments anywhere in the world. It has the disadvantage of being the slowest transport compared to other available options. Check with us all the possibilities available for a specific origin or destination.

Maritime transport services are classified depending on the quantity and volume of the merchandise to be transported and whether it occupies one or several complete containers or if it is necessary to rent the necessary space inside containers where the merchandise of several shippers travels.

"... At CRC we take care of everything, pick up your merchandise at source or receive it at our warehouses, prepare it and load it in the containers and transport and deliver it directly to the corresponding vessel ..."

Maritime import and export services

Load FCL (Full Container Load)
Maritime transport for full containers. Door to door service from any source to any world destination.

Load LCL (Less than Container Load)
Maritime transport for goods that do not complete a container (groupage). This service allows you to share the container with other loads.

Load RO/RO (Roll On/Roll Off)
This service allows the maritime transport of all types of rolled cargo. It is made on ships specially indicated to transport goods that can not be in a container. E.g. vehicles and loads with large dimensions and weights.

Refrigerated load
Maritime transport for fresh products. We have specific refrigerated containers. At CRC we are specialists in the logistics of perishable products.

Specifically directed to the transport of liquids. Flexitank are flexible tanks with an efficient safety system and a single use, which ensures that liquids do not mix with other products transported previously

Special loads
In CRC we have a special projects department that will help you find the best solution for transporting special merchandise: fragile, dangerous, large volume or weight, etc.

Complementary services in maritime transits

Warehousing and handling
We prepare the load in our warehouses strategically located so that your merchandise reaches its destination in the safest way. We palletize and prepare opaque freight for sensitive loads.

Customs formalities
In CRC we have a customs department that is responsible for managing all the necessary customs documentation.