Logistics solutions for the industry

Logistic solutions for the industry

We have warehousing and distribution solutions adapted to all industrial sectors..

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Industrial logistics services

  • Terminals equipped for the treatment of any industrial project.
  • Reception and assembly of any type of project.
  • Special transport vehicles.
  • Import and export.
  • International logistics.
  • Multi-vendor consolidation
  • Maritime, air and/or land transport.
  • Advice and customs procedures.
  • Department of chartering.
  • Studies of custom industrial projects ad-hoc.
  • Insurance for goods and operations.
  • Logistic advice and transport optimization studies.
  • Management of key performance indicators KPI

Alimentation and drinks

We offer the best solutions for the import or export of all kinds of food and beverages taking into account the characteristics of the product and its fragility, destination or origin and transit times. We optimize loads and reduce costs with the utmost care for your merchandise. We are specialized in the following products:

  • Energy drinks
  • Spirits
  • Isotonic drinks
  • Broths
  • Cavas
  • Beers
  • Sparkling
  • Dairy products
  • Liquors
  • Mostos
  • Other bottled drinks
  • Refreshments
  • Wines
  • Juices

Consult our solutions for the logistics of perishable products

Specific services for the food and beverage industry

  • Import and export of food products

Who are our solutions for the food and beverage industry?

  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Importers of food and beverages


We offer customized solutions for the construction industry. We guarantee the necessary means for the conservation, manipulation and distribution of this class of products complying with the most demanding standards of quality and service.

Specific services for the construction industry

  • Specific warehouses for any type of material: clays, bricks, tiles, etc.
  • General cargo and container services of finished product: ceramics, structures, doors, etc.

Who are our solutions for the construction sector aimed at?

  • Large and small construccion companies
  • Distributors of construction materials.

Renewable energy

We have specific logistics solutions for the renewable energy sector, characterized by high volume merchandise and specific customs requirements. It is usually DAP shipments with door to door door to door management requirements .

We efficiently cover all phases of the project, from the factory pick-up to delivery to the generating plant, managing the storage and selecting the most suitable transport for each need.

Specific services for the renewable energy industry

  • Terminals equipped for the treatment of any industrial project.
  • Reception and assembly of any type of project.
  • Special transport vehicles (vehicles for large volumes).

Who are our solutions for the renewable energy sector aimed at?

  • Suppliers and manufacturers of components.
  • Promoters and developers.
  • Engineering and construction companies
  • Companies operating renewable energy plants


Specific logistics for the automotive industry. We take care of everything necessary for the import and export of components for the automotive sector.

Specific services for the automotive industry
  • Reverse logistics
Who are our solutions for the automotive sector aimed at?
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Workshops and scrapyards

Hostel and Tourism

Logistics solutions for international hotel management. We are responsible for all the logistics management of hotel supplies.

Specific services for the hotel and tourism industry

  • Logistics plans for hotel supply.

Who are our solutions for the hotel and tourism sector aimed at?

  • Hotel chains.
  • Resorts.
  • Hotel equipment providers.
  • Distributors of food and beverages.

Fashion and retail

Customized logistics solutions for the industrial sector of fashion and retail.

Specific services for the fashion and retail industry

  • Supplier management
  • Controles de calidad en origen.
  • Pick & Pack.
  • Labeled.

Who are our solutions for the fashion and retail sector aimed at?

  • International fashion chains.
  • Fashion distributors and accessories.
  • Importers and exporters of clothing.

Vehicles and machinery

At CRC we take care of transporting your vehicle, advising you and processing all the necessary documentation, adjusting ourselves to the needs of the type of vehicle and the countries involved.

The transport of vehicles is usually carried out by maritime transport and requires the following documentation: Technical sheet of the vehicle, leaving the vehicle or being up-to-date with all the fees, ID of the owner or DNI of the buyer and seller (including the purchase contract- sale) or the vehicle sales invoice.

We have a wide variety of solutions for the transport of industrial machinery. Among other:

  • Transport of industrial vehicles: Buses and public transport vehicles, commercial vehicles, trailers, vans, trucks, etc.
  • Transport of construction machinery: Cranes of any kind, platforms, concrete pumps, excavators, backhoes, dredgers, draglines, scrapers, scrapers, pavers, tunnel boring machines, compactors, motor graders, water cisterns, dump trucks, construction tractors and loaders , wheelbarrows, etc.
  • Transport of agricultural machinery: Fertilizers, diggers, fumigadoras, harvesters, seeders, crushers, mowers, agricultural tractors, harvesters, trailers, etc.

Specific services for the transport of vehicles and machinery

  • Transport of vehicles and machinery RO-RO ( Roll On-Roll Off ).
  • Transport in container.
  • Lashing services.
  • Customs processing

Who are our solutions for transporting vehicles and machinery?

  • Individuals.
  • Exporters and importers of vehicles and / or industrial machinery.
  • Sports motor companies.
  • Construction and engineering