Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our corporate commitment is to increase the satisfaction of our customers by maintaining a continuous improvement in our management. We constantly adapt our work to the needs of our customers, putting all the necessary means to achieve it, both human and technical.

In CRC we have implemented since 1998 a quality management system according to the criteria of ISO 9001: 2015.

The deal with the clients must be cordial, friendly, but above all respectful. We must not forget that “only” we are a company of “services” and as such we must attend with total diligence to our clients, solving any task or management that they entrust us.

Since its inception CRC has had and will have only one challenge: "The quality of the service and the quality of the presentation of the service"

The management of CRC, within the framework of continuous improvement, defines and documents in its Annual Quality Plan, a series of objectives to be achieved:

  • Comply with the requirements defined by our clients, the regulations and regulations applicable to our services and our Quality Management System.
  • Continuously improve our Quality Management System integrated in our organization since 1998 and oriented to obtain the highest customer satisfaction with quality services at the best cost.
  • To fully solve the needs of our customers, especially in terms of efficiency, speed and timeliness of our services.
  • Ensure the material and human resources of CRC and our customers, through the correct contractual relationship with suppliers and subcontractors.

In short, this is the policy that we must follow day by day, with a single objective: "improve"