Air freight

In CRC we have an air traffic department permanently connected with the main airlines and the Main Customs, which allows us an effective and agile coordination to manage air logistics operations.

CRC, as an Official IATA Agent, can offer you the security of working with an officially recognized air services company that will allow you to optimize transit times to the maximum.

Air transport of goods, national or international, is normally used for the transport of goods that, due to their nature or their use, require a fast means of transport.

In CRC we work with all airlines, selecting the most suitable for each client in each case, either because some offer better prices than others or because they have a faster route or because they have larger cargo planes that allow them to manage shipments of greater dimensions or weights.

"... In CRC we select the best air route for your urgent shipments according to economic or emergency criteria ..."

Advantages of air transport of goods

The main advantage of air transport is its speed, since all transit times are optimized to the maximum. Among the main advantages we find:

Transportation control
With our air transport your merchandise will be controlled at all time

Lower cost for small loads
Air transport is usually the most economical when it comes to shipments of less than 250Kg and avoids the consolidation and deconsolidation of merchandise.

At this moment there are some 42,000 airports around the world. In CRC we can manage your merchandise shipments through any of them.

Air transport is the one with the lowest sinisterness rate, which is why it is the most indicated for high value merchandise.

Lower warehouse cost
At CRC we manage the load at the customer’s home at the moment just prior to shipment, thus saving storage costs.

National and international air cargo services

Door to door services
Through our international correspondents we coordinate the air shipment from your warehouses to your client’s house including customs procedures in any country and urban transport for pick-ups at origin and deliveries at destination.

Import and export air with passenger aircraft
Using the cellars of the bottom of the plane.

Aircraft charter for special projects
This service allows the air transport of all types of cargo in airplanes rented exclusively for a specific shipment. We take care of chartering the plane, managing the necessary procedures: notifications to the airports of origin and destination, airplane rental, customs procedures, etc.

Import and export air with cargo aircraft
Managed directly in exclusive aircraft for air transport of goods that do not allow passengers

Special air logistics for perishable products
Air transport for fresh and frozen products. We have specific refrigerated containers. At CRC we are specialists in the logistics of perishable products.

Triangular operations services (Cross Trade)
This service is intended for sales transactions involving more than two companies. We ship merchandise from origin to destination in the most economical way and maintaining the opacity of the operation.

Complementary services in air transits

Storage and handling
We prepare the cargo in our warehouses located in the main cargo terminals of the airports so that your merchandise reaches its destination in the safest way. We palletize and prepare opaque freight for sensitive loads.

Customs formalities
In CRC we have a customs department that will be in charge of managing all the necessary customs documentation. We have integrated the IATA e-freight system for the elimination of paper documentation in order to simplify and streamline our operations.